Major changes worldwide

The content of this article is largely determined by what is currently happening in the United States of America (US). This affects the future of us all. 

This article is about shifting of the power of those who want to control and dominate us (by keeping us ignorant and into fear), to freedom and prosperity for all the inhabitants of this planet. 

It is very important that we are aware of the content and extent of the way in which humanity has been particularly deceived over the past centuries and in recent decades by forces that do not intend the good for others, but only for themselves. I would like to contribute to that awareness, partly through this article.

During the last few years I have been increasingly seeing that a lot of trouble in the world (wars, attacks, economic crises, so-called natural disasters, etc.) are not accidental incidents, but are part of a comprehensive malignant plan. 

This consciousness penetrates more then ever into different layers of the world population. We are therefore seeing more whistleblowers emerge to turn the tide, with danger to their own lives. An increasingly number of people choose to drop apathy and indifference (“We cannot do anything about it on our own”). 

The changes are gradually becoming visible and I will mention examples of this. Changes from which we can draw courage, faith and hopeful expectations.

Content display:
Recent Changes / The Elite / How could it become that far? / November 2016, Donald Trump elected as President / Why is the counter-force so fierce? / More good news / Completion and conclusions


1. Recent changes.
There is a reversal of relations between North and South Korea and between North Korea and the USA. Since the end of the war between North and South Korea – from 1950 to 1953 (but without peace agreement) – the relations have not been that good. The threat of a nuclear war is over and even North and South Korea are talking about forming a combined team for the Summer Olympics in 2020 and making a bid together to organize the Olympic Games of 2032.

Islamic State (or Daesh) is almost beaten in Syria and the US is considering withdrawing its troops from that country (if Iran does too). Peace seems near.

Peace negotiations are held between both the Government of Afghanistan and the Taliban, as well as between the US and the Taliban. To what they are going to lead to is not yet clear, but the fact that it is happening gives an idea of hope after 17 years of war. The US is apparently here too heading for peace and withdrawal of its military units.

Then there is Iran. The US has withdrawn from the agreement on keeping control of the development of nuclear activities in Iran. This deal, set up by Barack Obama – the previous president of the US – was accompanied, as is now clear, by large sums of money that Iran was given. The countries in Europe also contributed, but have to pay it on there own now, because the US doesn’t anymore.

Meanwhile, Iran and the US are exchanging threatening language, while there may be secret talks going on. This threatening language first too took place between North Korea and the US, but it eventually led to a major turnaround. Does that also apply to the relationship between Iran and the US? That would be great.

All these changes took place since Donald Trump is president of the US. 

There is a lot to say about Trump’s often undiplomatic language, but that he wants to end the unsolicited interference by the US in other countries is a structural change in the trend towards the policy over many decades of a large number of its predecessors.

To underline that, I would like to point out Trump’s speech at the United Nations meeting on 26 September 2018, in which he said: “I honour every nation to pursue its own customs and traditions. The United States will not tell you how to live or work or worship. We only ask that you honour our sovereignty in return

Also, the disagreement between the US and the EU about the level of contributions to NATO budgets may indicate that the US wants to reduce its forces or withdraw their troops from the countries of Europe entirely.

There are more positive changes, about which later (in this article or others on this website), including the Executive Order on 21 December 2017 from President Trump to put an end to (large-scale of) human trafficking and kidnapping and sexual abuse of children ( 

About the role of human and child-trafficking I’ll come back at (5) “Why is the counter-force so fierce?”


2. The Elite
A small group of people (less than 1% of the world’s population) is so rich that we could all live in abundance if these people were to share their money with us. 

The power of this Elite is largely running through a number of major banks (Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citigroup, Barclays, BIS (Bank for International settlements) which include the following names/persons: the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Warburgs, Soros. Except that the Elite is ultra-rich, it has a major influence on what is happening in the world through its financial interference. It largely determines the policies and decisions of the central banks in the world, both nationally and internationally.

The Elite possesses in addition much money, shares and voting rights in large above-national industries and enterprises. Until recently *) it was much more powerful than the governments of China, Russia and the US. Because it is highly infiltrated in many governments, it has a major impact on so-called “democratic” processes and decisions. Important decisions have been *) taken for decades by institutions that are larger and more powerful than separate (unions of) countries.

Woodrow Wilson, the 28th president of the USA (1913-1921), said: 
The growth of the nation… and all our activities are in the hands of a few men… We have come to be one of the worst ruled; one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world… no longer a government of free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the free vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.”

Other presidents, such as John F. Kennedy, have also warned against the power of a few who exceed the power of the people and their elected rulers.

The Elite, also called Cabal or Deep State (Secret World Government), has its own vision on (and agenda for) the Earth and humanity, in particular it means that they remain rich and in power. Does that not willingly, then but unwillingly.

In spite of its enormous wealth and current power, the Elite wants to acquire the complete power and worldwide wealth and resources. For centuries, it has been busy, generation after generation, to establish a total dominion that it calls the New World Order (NWO). The NWO advocates one world government, one monetary system, one world army and one world religion.  See next video: (27:08 min.).

One of its ideas is that the world’s population should be considerably smaller than it is today. Several “top” leaders have made horrific statements about this.

Mikhail Gorbachev (former president of the USSR):
We must speak more clearly about sexuality, contraception, about abortion, about values that control population, because the ecological crisis, in short, is the population crisis. Cut the population by 90% and there are not enough people left to do a great deal of ecological damage“.

Former President Obama also appears to be an advocate for the New World Order. At the Bilderberg conference in June 2018, he said the following: (19 sec.)

“… and for the international order that we have worked for generations to build, ordinary men and women are to small minded to govern their own affairs, that order and progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all-powerful sovereign.

See for above and other statements and ideas about the New World Order also: (statements both in Dutch and English).


3. How could it become that far?
Over the centuries, the Elite has built up a great influence/power in the various industries (food, weapons/war, pharmacy, banks, oil, film, music and news media) and has been infiltrated into large organizations, such as the United Nations, the World Health Organization (WHO), and NATO, Twitter, Google, Facebook and, among others, the governments of China, Russia and the US. That this is a conscious, planned takeover of the power in the world is described in several articles, as mentioned above.

Money divides

An important instrument for carrying out and retaining power is money. Money is a tool to divide and rule, especially if you already have a lot of it. There are many ways to get more of it, such as through taxes, insurance, interest.

What about the armaments industry and the organization of wars, where you can earn as a weapon manufacturer from both (or several) parties that wage war? How you can provoke a war has shown history several times under the denominator of a false flag operation.

The term ‘false flag’ stems from the piracy, whereby the pirate ship that is attacking carries the flag of another country. The attacked ship thinks, because of that flag, to have to deal with a friendly country. The attack becomes attributed to that befriended country. This can lead to a war between the two countries, while the pirates are secretly squeezing between them.

In false-flag attacks in the present time it is essentially no different. The one who gets the blame for the attack becomes in the media considered as a so-called ‘Lonely Shooter ‘, while in reality it is a scapegoat (patsy) programmed by mind-control. They often find death during or just after the attack. After all, the dead cannot tell anything. Those (Elite/Cabal) who devised, organised and funded the attack remain unknown and out of the shot. 

Here are three examples of false-flag attacks (but there are many):

> the attack at the Twin-Towers at September 11th, 2001 in New York, where the US sought an argument (and support from the population) to invade Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. The aim was to secure the oil interests and the (petro-) dollar. The attack was attributed to Osama Bin Laden, who in reality was called Tim Ozman and was well-befriended by among others Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

> The attack on the plane MH17 above Ukraine, to blame Russia and provoke to a war with the West. The provoking of wars fits in with the plans of the Elite for a total domination of mankind and the establishment of the New World Order.

The invasion of Syria by Israel, Iran, the US and its European allies was legitimized by the so-called chemical attacks attributed to President Bashar al-Assad on his own Syrian population. After still several of these created, but not proven, chemical attacks it seems more likely that the allied parties in Syria needed an argument to secure their interests in the Middle East. Meanwhile, Syria, with the support of Russia, has almost entirely recovered order in the country and many fled Syrians return to their homeland. Syria (and also Jordan) has a highly developed society and is a threat to the SuperElite Israel, supported by the Elite/Cabal elements in Saudi Arabia and the US. 

For further information about  Syria I refer to the following links:
The first one concerns an article translated to English from a Dutch Newspaper (Algemeen Dagblad). Happily the situation now is much better then at the time of publishing the article. Where is spoken about the “Americans” it means the Elite/Cabal-elements.

The second article enlightens the role of the Mainstream Media, giving three versions of the conflict in Syria.

Ole Dammegård ( has been investigating the false-flag operations in the world for 30 years and has discovered a pattern according to which these attacks are constantly being conducted. 

Many false-flag attacks in America, Europe or elsewhere in the past few years had the aim of increasing fear and uncertainty and calling for more security, police officers in the streets and to provoke other measures, to provide those who had the power to give even more power and ability to control and dominate.

It is a well known pattern: 1) problem: fear seeding, 2) reaction: the population calls for a strong leader and/or strict measures, 3) solution: new legislation (often a state of emergency) that leads to a restriction of freedom of movement and privacy for all (except for the rulers).

Other attacks aim to distract the attention of something else. For example, in the case that  Trump wants to keep an important speech or proclamation. Or when Donald Rumsfeld, the day before the attacks on the Twin Towers, announced to the public that in the Pentagon’s budget (US Department of Defence) an amount of 2.3 trillion dollar was missing. (Video, 3:09 min.)

Deception by the pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry, also in the hands of the Elite/banks, generates a lot of money too. For more information on this topic, see: (video, 7:42 minutes).
The treatment of high cholesterol is such an example too. Professor Dr. Walter Hartenbach shows through research that the current approach to cholesterol is based on deception. In his book “De cholesterol leugen” manipulated, so-called scientific statistics, allegations are made about cholesterol levels that actually condemn us for the rest of our life the use of cholesterol lowering drugs. Professor Hartenbach provides evidence that arteriosclerosis and cardiac infarcts have nothing to do with cholesterol levels. On the contrary, cholesterol appears to be needed to prevent cardiac infarcts. 

Food and vaccinations

About genetically manipulated food, vaccinations (which are rather sick than healthy) and about releasing viruses such as SARS, Ebola and HIV have already been written by several people, as well as about chemtrails (deliberate poisoning of man and Earth).

An interesting article about vaccinations, by Marianne Lucardie (Spiritual healer and natural therapist), is the following:

An excellent book, written in Dutch, on Chemtrails is “Heaven under fire; An in-depth investigation into chemtrails “by Fred Teunissen. On page 60 of this book a clarifying video is mentioned about the reason for global warming: “Unstoppable Solar cycles: The real story of Greenland”. (13:43 min., English)

The role of the Mainstream Media (MSM)

Since the USSR has fallen apart and President Yeltsin has transferred power to Vladimir Putin, Russia is no longer co-operative on the ideas/agenda of the Secret World government, the Elite. By providing false information via the media to put everything Putin does in a bad light, the Elite tries to knock him/Russia down. Again and again it is repeated that Russia is a threat to the Western countries and is striving for expansion, and to subjugate other countries. offers a long article about the period after the collapse of the USSR. It explains how the Elite has striped of Russia of all its important properties and natural resources. The article shows how Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin understood the selling off of Russia to the Elite and that they turned it back. 

The Mainstream Media (MSM), which comprises the major news agencies and newspapers, which are commissioned by their financiers (the Elite), play a major role in spreading and repeating stories that serve only one purpose, which is the confirmation of the power of the Elite. The influence, the dictation of the great news agencies spreads out, as propaganda, also to the news headings on TV and radio and the newspapers in Europe. 

Through this information flow, and through the film and music industry and (the censorship by) YouTube, Google, Facebook and Twitter, the Elite has a tremendous influence on our thoughts and in the way we think the world is functioning. It is a form of indoctrination and brainwashing, the nature and extent of which is still barely to be grasped and overlooked.


4. November 2016, Donald Trump elected as president
The election of Donald Trump (Republican) as President of the US, was for the ruling class (the Elite), including Hillary Clinton (Democrat) a huge and totally unexpected setback. Since then, the Elite is doing everything to counteract Trump and discredit him and to try to dismiss him. The Mainstream Media plays a major role in this.

Thus, the story, that the Russians have influenced the elections and that the Trump campaign team has colluded with the Russians, has been fully magnified and continually repeated through the Mainstream Media. However, after two years, the investigation by the special prosecutor Robert Mueller has not been able to prove this.

What stands out in US politics is that the Republicans are considered conservative and currently play an important role as patriots. They make efforts to restore the Constitution (which has been put out of order by the Elite), including all its democratic values.

In contrast, the Democrats, who are considered as leftists/communists/Marxists. It is especially the Democrats, such as Obama and the Clintons, who have been guided in recent years by the interests of the Elite. Their pleas for women’s rights, abortion and the welfare of immigrants are only used to create goodwill for themselves.


5. Why is this counter-force so fierce?
Several sources indicate that there is a veritable war that is to a large extent behind the scenes. There is a huge amount of play, such as the role of the independent (read: arbitrary) central banks, the axis of power and the worldly money trade. The Elite, the secret world government, does not want to have diminished their absolute power and subjugation of the population.

What is getting increasingly clear, is that this shadow government kept important things hidden for us and wants to keep it hidden. Things like extremely advanced technologies for health and a longer life, free energy, extensive space programs with highly advanced spacecrafts, and visits to other planets. 
See https:/ (English)

How is it possible for the Elite to retain its secrets for such a long time? Part of the answer is that many people are compromised. It means that they are involved in a secret and that they have made a vow (as with the Freemasonry) not to speak about it, ór that they have been brought into a situation that can be used against them if they open their mouths. 

Imagine that you, as an ambitious employee (and with good promotion possibilities) at a large company or government agency, are taken by your colleagues to a festive meeting with many (well known) people and that there appears to be after some time a performance in which children are sexually abused (and worse). 

If you are disgusted by what you see and want to walk away, you are probably held at the door by someone who tells you that there have been taken pictures of you that can be used against you when you fold out of the school. Or it is said that the names and addresses of your family members and friends are known to the organization……. 

Ronald Bernard worked in the currency and deposit trade and took a risk for his own life to come forward about his experiences. In The next interview he tells about that criminal world (video, 39:17 min.)

Because of the above-mentioned practices, Donald Trump installed a commission on 21 December 2017 (see also at the end point 1 of this article) to highlight and eliminate all of this. It is suspected that the compromise of people has been found on a large scale and that, among other factors, a large proportion of the members of the Senate (in the USA) have been affected. Therefore democracy and the country’s administration are at great risk. 

Since the entry of Trump as President (January 2017), based on his policy, more than 50,000 sealed indictments have been drawn up by the legal apparatus in the US against people of the Elite who have turned against the country’s interest in recent years and or involved in the extensive child trafficking, rape and murder. 

That is also why the battle is so fierce, because many people- perpetrators and those who are trapped into this – fear that they have to appear before the courts and be punished heavily.


6. More good news
There is an international group of people, from various government agencies, the Alliance, who have in common that they all want to free the Earth from the Elite/Cabal. In the US, 90% of the military would belong to the Alliance. 

For decades the alliance has been looking for opportunities to break down the power of the Elite. In the past, attempts have been made without success. President Kennedy has also worked together with the Alliance and is likely to have been murdered for that reason. 

Perhaps because he (and later President Reagan) was still insufficiently aware of the extent to which the Elite/Cabal has established themselves through different people and legislation in national and international private and public organisations? The assassination of Kennedy indicates that the Elite are stopping by nothing and no one to implement its plans completely.

The story goes that the Alliance has asked Donald Trump to stand for election in November 2016 for a new president in the USA. He is so rich and independent that he cannot be blackmailed with money. He is not seen as a member of the Elite/the Cabal, even though he went around with them. He has proven to be a non-conformist and is therefore able take away from generally applicable (but not always correct) principles.

When he took office as president, Trump was surrounded by many (government) advisors, of which he only partially knew that they would pose a danger to executing his ideas and his own position as president. It took him almost two years to carry out purges within the government. 

It is now known that within the highest circles of the FBI and the DoJ employees were involved in spying on Trump during his campaign for president and after his inauguration as president. The Elite/Deep State, probably to divert attention, has put the story in the world through the Mainstream Media that Russia has interfered with the US elections and that Trump would have known about it. In a separate article I will go into that [article will be added later]. Spying (surveillance) on the president or presidential candidate is seen in the US as a major crime.

For many years, individual employees in various government bodies have had to see how the Elite were doing business, with the cooperation of other colleagues, including those at the CIA (Centrale Intelligence Service), the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and the DoJ (Department of Justice). 

Recently, 119 people from all levels of government organisations in the US have emerged through Your Voice America ( to denounce and document all the lies of the past decades. 

In this context, there is still a fact to be reported, which shows Trump’s independent spirit: the appointment of Republican Brett Kavanaugh as judge to the Supreme Court in the US. Now there are 5 Republican and 4 Democratic judges. This decisive vote of Kavanaugh now makes it possible to carry out mass arrests on the basis of over 50,000 charges (see point 5). It is not for nothing that the Elite has opposed by all its means the nomination of Kavanaugh as a judge of the Supreme Court by accusing him of sexual harassment.

Until recentlyandhave been” *) (see page 2 “the Elite”): It would be wrong to say still now that the Elite is much more powerful than the governments of China, Russia and the US. Circumstances change. Although still powerful and influential, but also seriously weakened, the Elite loses its power and grip on the people of the Earth.


7. Completion and conclusions
It is very important that more people become aware of how our way of thinking has been shaped by the evil forces that want to (continue) control and dominate us and make us like slaves for their cart. Pushing for divisiveness – race, sex, religion, war, money – is a dangerous instrument in the hands of the Elite.

We are being fooled on a massive scale with major sport events in our own country and abroad and beautiful television shows, in between with shocking advertisements, which, through veiled messages, influence our subconscious. 
We accepted it and found it to be good… until reality permeates us…..

It is not my intention to keep others away from following sport events and television shows, but to make them aware that for the Elite these things are instruments to keep us dormant and not to pay attention to the larger context of their crimes.

Apart from Trump and people of the Alliance, there are at all kinds of places and organizations worldwide honest and intelligent people who (want to) contribute to a better world and would like to lend a hand to knock the Elite of the throne.

The role of the Elite/Cabal, their appalling deeds and ideas and their victims is becoming increasingly clear, thanks to an increasing number of whistleblowers who are coming forward and thanks to the work of, for example, the Alliance, Trump and Putin. Others still play through websites, YouTube and in other ways an important role to provide information that is not determined and dominated by the Mainstream Media.

When hearing and reading information from the Mainstream Media and by alternative means, it is important to develop a good discernment. 

David Wilcock ( has gathered information from insiders for more then twenty years. It was only after he had the same information, independently received of each other from different insiders, that he came out. He did this by means of his programs Cosmic Disclosure and Wisdom Teachings on and on other occasions.

Be aware that at the internet there are information channels too which provide partly correct information, and partly disinformation to put us on the wrong leg.

Below are two interesting videos that support this article:
On I found on 18 October 2018 the following video – We are the plan; It’s time to turn off the media, follow your instincts, trust yourself and BE the PLAN! – which is subtitled in many languages (changeable at “settings”): (9:10 min.).

The following video – The storm is upon us; A glorious future await us – is from an earlier date: (13:08 min., English).

In the US a movement has arisen that calls itself the Walk Away Movement. They feel deceived by the Democratic Party and the elements of the Elite inside. Here is a video (19:39 min., English) in which the founder of the movement Brendon Straka keeps an impressive speech and shares his own experiences, among other things: Brendon Straka is gay and is openly coming forward. In the US this is particularly because homosexuals are often quite unjustifiably put on a par with pedophiles. 

Please use your own observations and discernment about what I’m writing here and others elsewhere. Because of the importance of greater awareness, I wrote this article for the people, family and friends with whom I am connected. Not because I know it all well, but to share things with which we can help each other for a better understanding of the world and to be prepared for significant positive changes.

The information that becomes available in the immediate future will be shocking to us all. Especially about those who will be accused and condemned in the US. Information about the nature and magnitude of their deeds will be beyond our imagination, by which we can feel  deceived and betrayed and sick. It can cause great anger and rebellion among people. 

After the fall of the Elite/Cabal there will be information coming available on poverty eradication programmes around the world, about projects to clean up the earth, and to create new eco-systems in deserts, arctic regions and so-called dead ocean zones . And much more…

November 1st, 2018

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Migrant children in the US

In the media, a lot of attention is paid to migrant children in the US who are separated from their parents. As it is described in the mainstream media and narrated on television news, this leads to a lot of confusion and emotions among the general public.
Because in my opinion reality is very different and, among other things, the human emotions are unjustifiably played, I write this article.

Some facts.
When aliens report at the checkpoints at the border of the US, parents and children, for the duration of their asylum application, will be offered temporary shelter. Families are not taken apart.

When aliens illegally cross the border and are arrested, children are separated from their parents. After about 20 days, those people/families are sent back to the country of origin.
The reason for this temporary separation is that by law it is regulated that adults/parents belong because of a felony (illegally entering the US) into the prison, but (their) children do not.

It is striking that from 2010 onwards, large numbers of children (without parents) illegally crossed the US border. It regards tens of thousands of children, of which 52% are older than 16 years. It is well known that in South American countries, during the Obama period, you could encounter billboards with the text: “Come to the U.S. Send your children”.

What has changed in the application of legislation since Obama?
Since 2009, former President Barack Obama has visited countries in South America several times. In April 2009, he had a meeting with 34 South American States. He held a plea to improve cooperation considerably by abandoning centuries-old ideals on immigration and commerce.

In January 2011, Obama emerged with a new political strategy for a comprehensive reform of immigration policy in which amnesty was the main pillar.

In May 2011, Obama travels to Rio Grande, to an area on the border with Mexico to bring his immigration policy to the attention once again, and giving his reply to the Republicans assertion that a moat with alligators will be needed at the border with Mexico to stop the aliens.

Immediately after his re-election in 2012, Obama signs an Executive Order for the action programme DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) with the aim of preventing millions of illegal aliens being sent back (deported) to the countries where they came from. This programme will allow the illegal children to be trained in order to obtain a work permit later.

During the same period, research by the Central American Communities and the DHS (Department of Homeland Securities) shows that there are significant differences among the various presidents in the number of illegal immigrants sent back to their country of origin: Clinton, 12 million; Bush, 10 million and Obama, 3 million.

In May 2013, Obama revisits a number of South American countries, including Costa Rica, and strengthens cooperation with various government leaders, asking them to send more individuals to the US.

In the summer of 2013, large numbers of UAC’s, via Mexico, cross the southern border of the US, of which more than 20,000 from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. The Mexican media ignores this phenomenon completely.

Figures of 2014 show that the number of UAC’s has increased by 850% since 2012.

In the spring of 2014, after a year of no illegal immigrants have been sent back to their country, the DHS signals an increase in the number of criminal elements that together with UAC’s cross the national borders. The media get air from it and write about it, while the White House is desperate to avoid expose to the known criminal elements within the story.

On June 3, 2014, Obama asks Congress an supplement budget of 3.7 billion dollar to find solutions to the large increase in illegal alien adults and children. Of that amount, 109 million dollar has been spent on border security.
Tucked away in this request for an supplement budget, Obama seeks authorization (at Congress) to spend money from taxpayers on funds for lawyers to conduct procedures for the benefit of UAC’s and their family. In essence, he calls for Congress to be approved for the law to be infringed by executive institutions of lawyers.
Section 292 of the Immigration Nationality Act prohibits aliens from being represented by others (American citizens or institutions).

The remaining amount didn’t go for that.

What is the position of Trump?
Donald Trump (in office since January 2017) said from the outset that he wants to bring the large influx of illegal immigrants to a stand. His remark about building a wall between Mexico and the US is given a very different meaning/dimension by Obama’s “policy”. He also knew that the uncontrolled admission of illegal immigrants encourages the arrival of criminal elements and those involved in child abuse and trafficking.
From the beginning of his presidency, he has strongly condemned the abuse of children and the trafficking of children and has made every effort to tackle those practices.

By virtue of the law, Trump is forced to (let) imprison adult illegal immigrants and to (let) catch children elsewhere (for about 20 days). This is also his duty and responsibility on the basis of the Constitution.

The mainstream media have recently made their own story, including pictures of children dating back to 2014. They ignore the facts and policies of Obama as mentioned above. They say that Trump can choose and suggest that he may violate the law (not maintain) like Obama has done.

In essence, illegal immigrants are those who violate the law, and that also applies to lawyers who represent them in court proceedings.
What the media want is that illegal aliens obtain privileges that are denied to the regular American citizens. After all, when an American citizen violates the law, he/she enters the prison and is separated from his family.

What was Obama’s reason for this policy?
What is known and probably took a role is that from December 2009 onwards there was a lot of critical attention in the media to ObamaCare, the care system that Obama wanted to introduce. But also because of other items, the popularity of the Obama administration has declined significantly.

The fact is that the Democratic Party in 2010 lost the “midterm” elections (the biggest electoral loss since 1918). Obama thereby also lost control over the political power in the House of Deputies, where the Republicans obtained the majority.

It has the appearance that Obama and the Democratic Party have wanted to gather through the admission of millions of immigrants (grateful) votes for the presidential elections in 2012 and for the years thereafter.

It is remarkable that the Obama administration has done its best to persuade residents of South American countries to cross the border to the US and, at the same time, to abandon enforcement policy on illegal aliens.

A lot of taxpayers money has been used to educate illegal immigrants with a view to a work permit and to help illegal aliens to strengthen their legal position supported by lawyers. Lawyers assistance goes against the law.

Those (mainstream media: journalists and news agencies) who have a responsibility to highlight the news in a proper way to the general public, have without mention of the history and with the showing of old photographs performed to many people incorrect things and made it emotionally difficult to them.

The media have not made a clear distinction between the position of foreigners who illegally cross the border and foreigners who report to the checkpoint at the border for an asylum application.

The media have manipulated public opinion and presented President Trump in bad light.

Trump maintains the law adopted by Congress in the past, while also emphatically doing everything possible to combat child abuse and trafficking.
His predecessor, Obama omitted that. There, the mainstream media don’t write about and they didn’t do that during Obama’s reign either.

Source: X22 Report on video, Episode 1595. B (

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