Welcome to Adhivesion

Button_pull_a_quoteAdhivesion is the name of my venture and mission. Through Adhivesion I give coaching, lectures and workshops. The essence of life-issue coaching is to discover patterns of convictions in your life, which limit yourself to be as you are and hold you back from freedom and joy in your life.

For life-issue coaching the next questions are relevant:

  • Which resistances and conflicts occur repeatedly?
  • Which patterns or red threads can be discovered in this?
  • Which opposition did I create within myself?
  • What is the meaning of a conflict, what can I do with that?
  • How can I realize a turning point to find freedom and joy?
  • How can I meet with my most profound desires?

During coaching I shall offer useful tools to find clearness and answers to the questions mentioned above.

Apart from coaching, also interactive lectures and workshops offer good chances to get insights in items which play a role in your life, in principles and natural laws which are universal.

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