About me

henk fransenIn March 2010, I resigned from my job at the municipality of The Hague, out of desire to work en share more with people. From the 33 years that I worked for the municipality I was by far the most time active in the area of housing allocation (choose based letting) in the so called social tenancy sector. First to execute house visits to people with housing problems. Later as policy advisor. I obtained a storehouse full of experiences, learned to know myself and build up a large network.

To prepar for the start of my own venture, I followed the training for mediator in 2004.  In 2008 I did a course about conflict-coaching and a course for intercultural mediation. In 2011 I followed a course in systemic constellation (families & organizations) which I finished in february 2012.

My childhood took place for the bigger part in Drachten (Friesland, Netherlands) in a family with two children. My sister and I are brought up as Protestant Christians. I followed that very consciously and involved. Later on I got to know other religions and values as well and integrated parts of them my own life. The idea of having more then one life as in Buddhism and Hinduism appeals much to me. Fed by those big religions and other spiritual experiences, I went my own way. Presently I am at the stage that I realize that we all originate from and return to the same Source,  the All or the Great Whole. Being aware of that means that I should like to bring that to full expression in my being, my handling and words.

Starting at my youth I doubted a lot about myself. During my life I had deeply felt fears and anger and grief. From own experiences I know how important it is to recognize those feelings. I learned to transform them to love for myself and to freedom and joy in my life. I have the desire to take the richness of my experiences from the past to the present and to use them in my contacts with others.

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