Name and logo


This word comes from Hindi, the language spoken and taught in the Northern states of India. Adhivesion means meeting or conference. I like to be inspire by meeting with others. That happens in daily life when someone shows me something new or initiates an innovative thought. Or when someone presents me a mirror, for example, by showing me my own resistance. I have chosen the name Adhivesion for my undertaking, my mission. I did experience that we can improve the quality of life only by meeting others and being open for what we are offered in relationships. By means of Adhivesion I should like to share my experiences with others.

The Lotusflower

The lotusflower represents the biggest religions in India and expresses my respect for everybody, irrespectively their confessed belief system. Speaking for myself: I’m not a member of any religious or spiritual organazation.

In the logo you will find the sarva dharma symbol. Sarva means “all” and dharma means “Divine law”. The pillar in the middle represents the path of unification with the Divine. The flourishing lotus is as the heart that flourishes in love.

Many years ago I saw the logo and saved it with the thought to use it perhaps at another time. After some years it was told to me that this logo, which I also added to my visiting card, was related to the Satya Sai Baba organazation.

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