With this country I have a strong connection. Since I travelled there in 1988 for the first time I returned many times. In India I feel at home and comfortable, and by now I have many friends and contacts there. One of my best friends is Krishna, who lives in Uttarkashi (Himalaya) with Priyamvada and their three children. In the nearby village of Netala, on the bank of the river Ganges, he has his own yoga centre and guesthouse ( In fact, in different ways, we work with the same mission. In the words of Krishna: “A chain of love and understandig all around the world.”

Currently I’m able to converse and read Hindi on a simpel level. It is my profound desire to speak Hindi (the language of the North of India) fluently, also in order to give lectures and workshops and coaching both in that language and in India. On the longer term the information on this website will be available in both Hindi as Spanish.

India brings up a variety of emotions. As a westerner you soon have the inclination to want to change many things towards your own western standards: like better infra structures, environmental policies, traffic rules, etc. That is a trap. We learn and experience within (western) conditions which we have chosen. I think now, let them, the inhabitants of that big continent, do it within the borders chosen by themself.

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