RajasthanI prefer to present myself as a “coach on life-issues”. In order to  grow and feel the joy of life, it is important to be able to deal with  fears, resistances and conflicts which appear in a lifetime and can be repeated. For recognizing fears and patterns of conflicts, the red  thread in your life and to allow your most profound desires I will  be able to play a useful role.


is focused on looking in the mirror and to make patterns clear, so  that you as individual or group, with the insights of that moment can choose for  new directions.

Lectures & Workshops

About the things mentioned before and elsewhere on the website, I like to give lectures and workshops to provide more clearness about principles and natural laws which are important for a better understanding of life. The lectures and workshops have a form with a lot of space for interaction, to answer questions and to acquire and share insights.

The lectures are build up according to a certain structure, whereby after a short introduction, attention will be payed to how we create in general and subsequently how conflicts are created on international level. The second part of the lectures gives space to pay attention to questions and remarks which bother us as individuals or as a group.

During coaching and workshops I will probably use the methods of voice dialogue, systemic constellations (famliy or organazational constellations), inner child contact and (double) kernal quadrant.

Subjects, contents, duration and the methods to be practiced at workshops will be agreed by offer.

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