Migrant children in the US

In the media, a lot of attention is paid to migrant children in the US who are separated from their parents. As it is described in the mainstream media and narrated on television news, this leads to a lot of confusion and emotions among the general public.
Because in my opinion reality is very different and, among other things, the human emotions are unjustifiably played, I write this article.

Some facts.
When aliens report at the checkpoints at the border of the US, parents and children, for the duration of their asylum application, will be offered temporary shelter. Families are not taken apart.

When aliens illegally cross the border and are arrested, children are separated from their parents. After about 20 days, those people/families are sent back to the country of origin.
The reason for this temporary separation is that by law it is regulated that adults/parents belong because of a felony (illegally entering the US) into the prison, but (their) children do not.

It is striking that from 2010 onwards, large numbers of children (without parents) illegally crossed the US border. In the US they call them UAC’s, “unaccompanied alien children”.
It regards tens of thousands of children, of which 52% are older than 16 years. It is well known that in South American countries, during the Obama period, you could encounter billboards with the text: “Come to the U.S. Send your children”.

What has changed in the application of legislation since Obama?
Since 2009, former President Barack Obama has visited countries in South America several times. In April 2009, he had a meeting with 34 South American States. He held a plea to improve cooperation considerably by abandoning centuries-old ideals on immigration and commerce.

In January 2011, Obama emerged with a new political strategy for a comprehensive reform of immigration policy in which amnesty was the main pillar.

In May 2011, Obama travels to Rio Grande, to an area on the border with Mexico to bring his immigration policy to the attention once again, and giving his reply to the Republicans assertion that a moat with alligators will be needed at the border with Mexico to stop the aliens.

Immediately after his re-election in 2012, Obama signs an Executive Order for the action programme DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) with the aim of preventing millions of illegal aliens being sent back (deported) to the countries where they came from. This programme will allow the illegal children to be trained in order to obtain a work permit later.

During the same period, research by the Central American Communities and the DHS (Department of Homeland Securities) shows that there are significant differences among the various presidents in the number of illegal immigrants sent back to their country of origin: Clinton, 12 million; Bush, 10 million and Obama, 3 million.

In May 2013, Obama revisits a number of South American countries, including Costa Rica, and strengthens cooperation with various government leaders, asking them to send more individuals to the US.

In the summer of 2013, large numbers of UAC’s, via Mexico, cross the southern border of the US, of which more than 20,000 from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. The Mexican media ignores this phenomenon completely.

Figures of 2014 show that the number of UAC’s has increased by 850% since 2012.

In the spring of 2014, after a year of no illegal immigrants have been sent back to their country, the DHS signals an increase in the number of criminal elements that together with UAC’s cross the national borders. The media get air from it and write about it, while the White House is desperate to avoid expose to the known criminal elements within the story.

On June 3, 2014, Obama asks Congress an supplement budget of 3.7 billion dollar to find solutions to the large increase in illegal alien adults and children. Of that amount, 109 million dollar has been spent on border security.
Tucked away in this request for an supplement budget, Obama seeks authorization (at Congress) to spend money from taxpayers on funds for lawyers to conduct procedures for the benefit of UAC’s and their family. In essence, he calls for Congress to be approved for the law to be infringed by executive institutions of lawyers.
Section 292 of the Immigration Nationality Act prohibits aliens from being represented by others (American citizens or institutions).

The remaining amount didn’t go for that.

What is the position of Trump?
Donald Trump (in office since January 2017) said from the outset that he wants to bring the large influx of illegal immigrants to a stand. His remark about building a wall between Mexico and the US is given a very different meaning/dimension by Obama’s “policy”. He also knew that the uncontrolled admission of illegal immigrants encourages the arrival of criminal elements and those involved in child abuse and trafficking.
From the beginning of his presidency, he has strongly condemned the abuse of children and the trafficking of children and has made every effort to tackle those practices.

By virtue of the law, Trump is forced to (let) imprison adult illegal immigrants and to (let) catch children elsewhere (for about 20 days). This is also his duty and responsibility on the basis of the Constitution.

The mainstream media have recently made their own story, including pictures of children dating back to 2014. They ignore the facts and policies of Obama as mentioned above. They say that Trump can choose and suggest that he may violate the law (not maintain) like Obama has done.

In essence, illegal immigrants are those who violate the law, and that also applies to lawyers who represent them in court proceedings.
What the media want is that illegal aliens obtain privileges that are denied to the regular American citizens. After all, when an American citizen violates the law, he/she enters the prison and is separated from his family.

What was Obama’s reason for this policy?
What is known and probably took a role is that from December 2009 onwards there was a lot of critical attention in the media to ObamaCare, the care system that Obama wanted to introduce. But also because of other items, the popularity of the Obama administration has declined significantly.

The fact is that the Democratic Party in 2010 lost the “midterm” elections (the biggest electoral loss since 1918). Obama thereby also lost control over the political power in the House of Deputies, where the Republicans obtained the majority.

It has the appearance that Obama and the Democratic Party have wanted to gather through the admission of millions of immigrants (grateful) votes for the presidential elections in 2012 and for the years thereafter.

It is remarkable that the Obama administration has done its best to persuade residents of South American countries to cross the border to the US and, at the same time, to abandon enforcement policy on illegal aliens.

A lot of taxpayers money has been used to educate illegal immigrants with a view to a work permit and to help illegal aliens to strengthen their legal position supported by lawyers. Lawyers assistance goes against the law.

Those (mainstream media: journalists and news agencies) who have a responsibility to highlight the news in a proper way to the general public, have without mention of the history and with the showing of old photographs performed to many people incorrect things and made it emotionally difficult to them.

The media have not made a clear distinction between the position of foreigners who illegally cross the border and foreigners who report to the checkpoint at the border for an asylum application.

The media have manipulated public opinion and presented President Trump in bad light.

Trump maintains the law adopted by Congress in the past, while also emphatically doing everything possible to combat child abuse and trafficking.
His predecessor, Obama omitted that. There, the mainstream media don’t write about and they didn’t do that during Obama’s reign either.

Source (among others): X22 Report on video, Episode 1595. B (www.x22report.com)

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