Mission and goal


It is my mission to make people aware of the meaning    of their fears, resistance and conflicts; to show them challenging insights, and to reach them tools to allow essential changes in their life, corresponding with their own dreams and desires.    My motto is: Look at it differently! See yourself and others as powers which are able to live a life according own desires. Everything turns on to experiencing: experiencing everything, experience all-inclusive and to giving others the possibility to experience.


The goal of my lectures, workshops and coaching is to

  • achieve insight through fears, resistances and conflicts that come forward, and to be able to turn them into new directions;
  • share thoughts and ideas which make other paths possible instead of holding on to prevailing fears both at individual, as groups, and as society;
  • recognize and find balance in the smaller whole (family, friends, sport, work,    etc.) and the bigger whole (society: both national and international).

“This is what I’ve found that works for me, try it if you like it”

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