india3Growing and experiencing we do by means of relationships. Short and long lasting relationships in different modes: at work, in love affairs, sports, etc. Some relationships we perhaps enter before we start a new earthly life, like with our parents. Other relationships originate because we want to obtain new experiences. Circumstances and relationships form themselves according to our wished unconscious goals. In this way we also create our own opposition and conflicts.

Resistances, fears and conflicts offer us insight in ourself. We can ignore this signals or use them. Apart from this we are also very well able to create new joyful experiences.

Also conflicts which occur between countries are principally from the same nature as those between individuals and groups. Being conscious of that makes it possible to come to new insights and to allow change.

In society and media is a lot of attention for what we do not want. Everything you pay attention to will become more or bigger. You can choose for that, if you prefer to let yourself be washed over with such information. Attention for what we do not want originates from fear. Fear is the advisor of the head. Our feeling, our heart brings us to what we really want, to our most profound desires and to whom we really are.

Look at it in a different way and consider to turn towards a new direction. We do not need to consider ourselves small in respect to the beauty of earth and universe as we might have been taught from religious traditions. We are here and now to feel the joy of life, to feel it and to be it.

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